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Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan, which grew in the pious surroundings of Temples at Devi Talab, has reverence, devotion & purity, imbibed in its tradition ever since its inception in 1875. Although today, even after 134 years, this tradition is strictly adhered to, yet celebration & hosting of some more events year after year are also being regarded as a part of Harivallabh tradition. Some of these are :

Every year the Sangeet Sammelan starts with Hawan Yagya being performed in front of Baba Harivallabh's Samadhi and distribution of "Prasad" thereafter.

No entry fee is charged.

* Dhrupad singing is an integral and inseparable part of this Sangeet Sammelan. Every year atleast one, artist is invited to sing in the traditional Dhrupad style.

* The artists come from far and wide to pay their homage to the great master and to seek his blessings.

* The Sangeet Sammelan still upholds the great Baithak Style, where the audience sits on the ground and the artist is given an elevated seat true to Guru-Shishya parampara.

* Rag Bahar was particularly very popular among the listeners of Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan. It  become customary that every singer must recite atleast one composition in Rag Bahar. Those sitting in the first rows would bring flowers and garlands with them. Hypnotized by the magical renderings they showered flowers upon the singers. Some of the famous compositions which are still ringing in the ears of thousands of listeners are:

* 'Bahare Aiye by Pandit Vishnu Digamber' Bhajman Shyam Jugal Charna by Pandit Omkar Nath, 'Phoolo Wale Kant by Pandit Naryan Rao, 'Hari-Hari Daliyan, Hari- Hari Patian by Bala Guru Ji.

* This tradition is still being followed but the only change is that "Raag Bahar" is sung as the last item of the programme every year.

* Ever since Pandit Vishnu Digamber Puluskar started a tradition to conclude the Sangeet Sammelan with National Song -Vande Mataram, the Sangeet Sammelan culminates with the group singing of Vande- Mataram by the audience and all the artists present.


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